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Oil utility pump


10L Oil Drum Pump


Product Code: 7710B

• Delivers up to 100mL of lubricant on the downstroke

• Ideal for topping up engines, differentials & gear boxes

• Drainback nozzle holster ensures that excess oil ends up back in the drum

• UV stabilised long life hose ensures a long service life

• Reliable and robust

• Comfortable and easy to use T handle

• Smooth & consistent pump action

• Suits 10L drums


1L Multi Purpose Top Up Kit


Product Code: 7701A

• Ideal for topping up difficult to access oiling points in the workshop and at home
• Suitable for all oils, automatic transmission fluids, brake fluids and some hand cleaners
• Not suitable for combustible fluids
• Self-contained unit prevents oil contamination when not in use
• Container capacity of 1L


5L, 4L, 2L & 1L Container Oil Pumps


Product Code: 77 Series

• Delivers up to 6mL on the downstroke

• Ideal for topping up difficult to access oil filling points

• Spring operated

• Reliable & robust

• Inclusive of an aluminium spout and a plastic pump head spout holster

• Suitable for use with hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil & transmission fluids

• Hassle and spill free oil top ups guaranteed

7705C 5L container

7705B 5L container

7704C 4L container

7702B 2L container

7701B 1L container