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Fuel transfer equipment


Reel - Fuel, Underground, 15m x 3/4", Open

Product Code: 505224S

• Heavy duty full metal double pedestal construction
• Hose capacity: 15m x 19mm ID
• 1,520psi (105bar) hose pressure rating
• 3/4”(f) inlet and 3/4”(f) outlet threads
• Seven position outlet mount
• Full port nickel protected steel shaft
• Large effective radial latching area for easy operation
• Fatigue resistance steel spring for longevity
• Manufactured using 4mm gauge steel
• Weight of 38kg
• Epoxy coated for increased wear resistance
• Also suitable for the transfer of air, water, diesel fuel, underground coal mining applications and waste oil
• Also available: 505924S Underground Coal Mining Bare Reel, 505224N Standard Reel, 505924 Bare Reel


Rotary Drum Pump-Underground, 60/205L

Product Code: 201S

Rotary action drum pump
Complete with cast Iron body and steel bung thus suitable for underground coal use as no external aluminium
Suits 60 and 205L drums
Delivers up to 20LPM or 0.33 litre per rotation
Can Syphon in both directions
Also available in 20L model; 201S-20