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Pom pom grease guns


Pom Pom Grease Gun - 110gm, Poly

Product Code: 11302

110gm capacity
Polyamid body
Total length 270mm
Develops up to 2,900 psi


Pom Pom Grease Gun - 200gm Capacity

Product Code: 11560

200gm capacity
(sample picture used is 7584)


Pom Pom Grease Gun - 220gm Capacity


Product Code: 7584

Alemite USA made
Designed for hydraulic & flush type fittings. Zinc plated.
220gm or 9 oz. capacity.
Develops 4,200 psi. Fast volume delivery.
Includes loader fitting.
Includes hydraulic coupler (308730).


Pom Pom Grease Gun - Steel, 150gm Capacity

Product Code: 11602

Ideal for those small, simple greasing jobs when a grease gun is not necessary
Steel body
150gm capacity