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Pulsarlube AIR® Dessicant Breather


Product Code: AB-PD102
Barcode: 9323629005081

• Maximum air flow 20cfm
• Maximum adsorption capacity 538ml
• Maximum reservoir fluid flow 150gpm
• 100% Silica desiccant gel - 1,320g
• Mounting connection 1" slip felt
• Height 26.1cm Diameter 14.07cm
• Extended service life
• Long lasting shelf life
• Effective removal of contaminants
• Electret Filter (particle size > 2) removes airborne dirt, dust, and other undesirable particles by electrostatic charge
• Activated Carbon Filter: Removes moisture, fumes and odour
• Desiccant: Silica gel will turn from orange to green as it absorbs moisture from incoming air
• Baffle Plate: Protects silica gel from oil mist contamination
• Oil Absorbent Foam: Absorbs oil mist drawn from reservoir


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