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Automatic Grease Lubrication System

The ALEMLUBE MAX-20 system is an easy to install automatic lubrication system featuring high performance, reliability and rugged design. With its high pressure output the ALEMLUBE MAX-20 system can service grease points within a radius of up to 30m. 

The ALEMLUBE MAX-20 system uses precision progressive dividers to ensure accurate and reliable lubricant distribution to all connected grease points, with built in indication if any grease point refuses to take grease. Suitable for transport, construction, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, food & beverage and waste management.

• Complete kit to service 20 grease points automatically

• Includes a ALEMLUBE MAX-20 24V DC pump station with onboard timer & 4kg grease reservoir,
70m grease filled hose, reusable hose ends, compression fittings & adaptors, nuts & bolts, cable ties & protective hose wrapping


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