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20V Lithium-ion Cordless Grease Gun - SKIN ONLY

Product Code: 670AN5-SKIN
Barcode: 9323627067883

• Delivery rates of up to 170 g/min
• Grease pressure of up to 10,000psi (690bar)
• Suitable for use with NLGI1 and NLGI2 greases
• Up to 35/31 cartridges per battery charge, low speed/high speed
• Built in Intelligence
• LCD for real time battery capacity, grease level and grease metering
• Loss of priming and stall warning indication
• Dual flow rates : 113 g/min and up to 170 g/min
• Three way loading: 450g cartridge, bulk grease or filler pump
• LED light with on/off control
• Ball and needle bearings
• Curved slot yoke optimises mechanical efficiency
• Case hardened piston for wear and bend resistance
• Impact resistant LCD lens surrounded by impact absorbing bezel
• Patented air flow management optimises motor and transmission life
• Shape, weight and balance designed for less physical strain
• Battery and charger available separately

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